Investment & Annuities

We are able to offer a full range of brokerage products and services to both retail and corporate clients. Some of these products include:

Full Service Brokerage (stock selection, advising and trade execution)


                Municipal Bonds
                Corporate Bonds
                Mortgage Backed Securities (GNMA, FHLMC and CMOs)
                U.S. Government Agency Securities (FNMA, FHLB, FFCB and SLMA)
                U.S. Treasury Securities (Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds)
                Zero Coupon Bonds

    Mutual Funds

Tax Deferred Annuities
                Fixed Annuities
                Variable Annuities

Other Products

               Managed Money
               529 College Plans
               Retirement Plans. Prototype plans available for:
               Simple 401(k)s
               Simple IRAs
               Estate planning, Asset and Income Protection through insurance, Assisting Parents and Children