The Importance of a Compelling Vision

May 03, 2022

Many things have been written and said about having a company mission, vision and values. There are many books that the entrepreneur should read on the subject. Your mission statement is a short, clear and concise description of why your company exists. 


Your values are a group of statements, usually just 4 to 7, that describe what sets your company apart. They are the boundaries by which all decisions are made. Your companies vision is a picture of where your company will be at some point in the future. Where the mission statement may never be finally accomplished, your vision is a set of goals, big enough to inspire you and your staff, but attainable in 5, 10 or 15 years. Without this vision, this picture of your company 5 years from now, it is impossible to have a strategic plan.  


A strategic plan, by definition, is a plan to meet the mission and vision of the company. Without a vision, your company will cease to exist. Aubrey Malphurs says in his book Advanced Strategic Planning, “A good vision is compelling. It ignites passion that leads people to action.” 


Every company is running along the life-cycle curve. From start-up to strategic growth, then to plateau, decline and finally death. Where are you on this curve? If you are on the decline side of the curve, one way to start a new curve is to develop a new vision! This means it is not too late! If you need help developing a vision for your small business, please call us! 

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