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The E-Hero's Journey: Your Guide to the Entrepreneur's Quest

Whether you like movies, books, or shows, you know something about the Hero’s Journey. We all do. It’s the basis for just about every work of fiction. An ordinary person is shaken from their everyday life. They embark on a quest. They face insurmountable obstacles, and the journey changes them in a profound way, helping them become a better version of themselves.


The real-life journey of an entrepreneur follows the same path.


In starting a business, you’ll push beyond your comfort zone into the unknown. Your life will transform from the everyday to the extraordinary, filled with passion and purpose—not to mention surprising (sometimes terrifying) new challenges at every turn.


Fortunately, every fictitious hero also meets a mentor along the way—to guide and inspire them through their darkest hour. Let The E-Hero’s Journey be your guide on your quest of entrepreneurship, with practical information and real-life examples to help you overcome every challenge as you make your dreams come true.