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The Beginning of Wealth

You have been lied to about riches and wealth your whole life! From every TV show like Cribbs or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, you have been programmed to believe that wealth comes from being a TV or movie star, lottery winner, Grammy-winning musician, or professional athlete. This book is about the behaviors of the wealth builder. Not by strategies or tactics, but by the mental disciplines, day to day actions of wealth builders.


True wealth comes from diligently pursuing your goals and following the 7 Wealth Behaviors.


The Beginning of Wealth tracks through what each behavior is and how to implement those behaviors into your life. Adding these behaviors to the Entrepreneur Hero’s Journey (The E-Hero’s Journey) will bring financial independence to you and your family. You can build a legacy of wealth by putting into practice Brandon’s 7 Wealth Behaviors.


Brandon defines wealth in ways that make it less like professional athletes and movie stars and more like schoolteachers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and plumbers. This book is about what wealth is and how to build it. It helps people create the life they want to have instead of being pushed into a life and career that kills their soul.